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Reviews Longstanding Conditions

Recall System

The Practice has been updating the recall system for patients with longstanding conditions, with a view to aligning the annual “check up” with the month of their birthday.

We are working on streamlining the system to ensure that patients have had the requisite tests (ie blood, urine or spirometry) done prior to attending for review, in order to ensure that the results are available to the clinician for discussion at the review.

Additional ad hoc blood tests may also be required and these will be accommodated within the system

We are are adding reminders on to the right hand side of prescriptions advising patients of when their review is due.

If you receive a message on your prescription and/or a letter from the Practice asking you to attend for review, please make sure you make an appointment for the review and also make an appointment for the appropriate tests first, if requested to do so.  If you have registered/consented for text messaging you may also receive text reminders.

This new system might result in patients being recalled at a slightly different time to what was expected, however, if you have any concerns regarding your recall, please do not hesitate to contact the surgery to ask.

We appreciate it will take time for the new system to be fully functional but we hope to help reduce the number of times patients are called in and hence make the whole process run more efficiently.

It would be most helpful if when contacting the surgery for your annual review you ask for a ‘Review Clinic’ appointment.  These appointments are longer so that the full review including medication review can be carried out.  ‘Review Clinic’ appointments can be fifteen or twenty minute slots depending on your condition, ie Diabetes, Hypertension, etc, therefore please mention which condition you need reviewing.  Thank you.