Welton Family Health Centre

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Minor Surgery

Appointments for minor surgical procedures can be arranged after consultation with the doctor.


Longstanding Condition clinics for coronary heart disease, asthma, diabetes and hypertension are held throughout the week.

We also offer family planning services, smoking cessation, ante-natal and post-natal services, travel clinics (inc yellow fever) plus routine nursing clinics.

We also perform cervical smears – note this is a screening service not a diagnostic service and smears need only be performed every three years for ages 25-50 and every 5 years for ages 51-65. We usually contact patients to inform them that their smear is due put please contact us if you think yours is overdue.

NHS Health Checks

Heart attacks and strokes are responsible for over a third of all deaths in the United Kingdom.  The risk of a person suffering a heart attack or stroke can be calculated and measures taken to reduce these risks in people found to be at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease management costs the NHS huge amounts of money each year, yet it is a disease which is largely preventable by lifestyle and drug intervention.

Welton Health Centre is committed to the programme of inviting, by letter, men and women between the ages of 40 and 75 years for a health check every five years. When you receive the letter you need to come along and have a blood test and then make an appointment for the Health Check where a risk assessment will take place and advised appropriately. These checks are not a substitute for a Well man or women check, or if you have a problem that needs a separate appointment.

If you are diabetic, already on blood pressure tablets or on any drugs for your cholesterol you will not be invited, as a cardiovascular disease assessment will take place at your review.

Patients are welcome to bring a carer/relative to any of their appointment(s).