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About our PDA

Welton & District Patients’ & Doctors’ Association (PDA)

The Health Centre is very fortunate to have a patient liaison group (the PDA) who provide a communication link between the Practice and its patients. All registered patients are members. The Executive Committee meets regularly(see dates for this year below) and an AGM is held annually in October. All meetings are held at the Welton Health Centre and members can attend as observers. Interest in becoming a new committee member is always welcome. The following comprises the threefold focus of the PDA’s activities (the constitution – see link below sets out the overall aims):

Provision of a Patient Transport Scheme

This invaluable scheme provides transport for those patients who would otherwise be unable to attend the surgery or healthcare appointments, for which a small charge to cover service costs is made. The transport scheme relies entirely on volunteer drivers who give their time freely (and are reimbursed for fuel and other vehicle running costs). New drivers are always welcome, even if you can only spare one day per month – please ask Health Centre staff, Committee members or drivers for more details.

Fund Raising Activities

The PDA does a sterling job raising funds via various annual events e.g. Spring plant sale, very popular Spring & Christmas lunches & an Autumn Fayre. The money raised contributes to funding the Transport Scheme and purchasing equipment for the Health Centre for the benefit of patients’ care and comfort. Over the years well over £30k has been raised or donated and the Health Centre, on behalf of the patients, is grateful for this assistance. Volunteers and new ideas are always welcome – please speak to Health Centre staff or Committee members if you are interested.

Patient Participation

The PDA and the Virtual Patient Group act as the voice of patients providing valuable feedback to the practice and its staff. The PDA is a member of the National Association for Patient Participation & in this advocacy remit provides a critical friend to the GPs and clinical staff. New members to this aspect of the PDA are always welcome.

Further details regarding the PDA & its current activities can be found on the PDA noticeboard in the waiting room.

Current PDA Executive Committee Members

Chairperson: David Kitching

Minute Secretary: Janet Lynch

Vice Chairperson: Mike Lynch

Treasurer: Jan Sims

Transport Coordinator: Janet Goddard

Fund Raising Coordinator: Chris Jackson

Health Centre Representative: Nadina Prestedge (Practice Manager)

Other committee members: Betty Blower; Irene McCully; Jane Padgett; Chris Scott & Eunice Wright.

Members and office holders are elected and appointed annually at the AGM, or co-opted to fulfil any vacancies that may arise.

Meeting Dates for 2020

7th January 2021

4th Match 2021

13th May 2021

1st July 2021

2nd September 2021

14th October 2021 (AGM)

4th November 2021

All meetings to be held at Welton Health Centre commencing at 7.30pm (unless otherwise stated or notified). Meetings may be held via Zoom. 

Minutes of Previous meetings

A hard copy of the latest minutes will be available on the PDA Notice board with access to all previous minutes online below.

Links below:

2021 Minutes

1. 7th January 2021

2. 4th March 2021 (meeting held via email)0001

3. 13th May 2021

2020 Minutes

1. 16th January 2020

2. 5th March 2020

3. 14th May 2020

4. 2nd July 2020

5. 3rd September 2020

6. 15th October 2020 (AGM)

7. 12th November 2020

2019 Minutes

2019 01 (Jan) Minutes

2019 03 (March) Minutes

2019 05 (May) Minutes

2019 07 (July)

2019 09 (Sept) Minutes

7th November 2019 (AGM)

2018 Minutes

2018 04 (Apr) Minutes

2018 06 (June) Minutes

2018 07 (Jul) Minutes – final

2018 09 (Sept) Minutes

2018 11 (Nov) Minutes AGM

2018 11 (Nov) Minutes

Welton and District Patient and Doctors’ Association (PDA)

As you will already know the volunteers of the PDA spend a lot of time throughout the year planning and delivering various fundraising events for the benefit of the Practice. As COVID restrictions have taken over, this means that they have not been able to fundraise at events such as the Spring Lunch and May Fayre. It is also unlikely (but not yet confirmed) that the Autumn Fayre and potentially the Christmas Lunch will not go ahead in 2021. As a result, fundraising levels for surgery equipment and transport schemes have depleted and unfortunately will continue to do so.

We appreciate that these are unprecedented times for all of us, but this is where they need your help!

The PDA would like to plan a raffle, the same as they always do for the Autumn Fayre (believe me planning does start this early in the year!), and they are in need of donations for raffle prizes. Are you a business owner that is still working and would like to give something back? Do you know someone that could donate a unique and exciting prize? Do you have friends / relatives / colleagues that have businesses that would be willing to donate a prize? The bigger the better!

Again, we fully appreciate that lots of businesses are not in a position to do so, but if you are and you would like to give something back to the surgery then we would be grateful if you would consider the PDA as a worthy cause. If anyone is interested in donating please contact Janet Goddard (PDA Transport Co-Ordinator) on 01673 862570 or Nadina Prestedge (Practice Manager) on 01673 862232. (added to site 26.07.2021)

Upcoming Events


30th October 2021 – Autumn Fayre (Covid permitting)

3rd December 2021 – Christmas Lunch (Covid permitting)

Members of the PDA Committee are supporting the Health Centre in their quest to get more patients signed up for the text messaging service.  We are on a mission to get the number of people not attending booked appointments, significantly reduced.  A text message would not only remind you of the appointment but would ensure that are aware to cancel the appointment if not needed so allowing someone else to take it.  The numbers signed up have increased but we still need more of you on board so please speak to the receptionist on your way out if you haven’t already done so. 


The Patients’ and Doctors’ Association Committee would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported our Autumn Fayre fundraising event on Saturday 26th October.  Despite appalling weather there was a really good attendance and we raised the amazing total of £2,718.68.  This includes a record of £1491 raised on the raffle which is almost £300 more than last year!  A list of prize winners is displayed on the PDA notice board in the surgery waiting room.  To everyone who contributed in any way to this fantastic total, thank you.  We could not have done it without your support.

Our second thank you goes to all who voted to support the PDA in becoming Coop Community Champions for the period March, April and May 2020.  Our application was successful and the monies raised in that period will  be shared with Welton Pre-School.  Every time a member shops in the Welton store a donation will be made towards the total to be shared by PDA/Welton Pre-School.  The Coop will also raise money through activities, events and collection boxes in the store. Janet Goddard.

JUNE 2019

Huge thank you to the residents & organisers of the Stonecliffe Park Coffee Morning held on Friday 7th June, the proceeds of which were donated to the PDA. The total amount raised was £625, which is a terrific amount and all thanks to the magnificent effort by all concerned.


Thank you to all patients and friends who supported the last 2 PDA events, The Autumn Fayre and more recently the Christmas Lunch. The total amount raised at these events is almost £3000 which is a magnificent amount. The money will be used partly to subsidise the Transport Scheme and partly for purchase of essential, unfunded equipment for the practice.

Three particular thank you’s for the Christmas Lunch go to Welton St Mary’s School choir who entertained the diners with Christmas carols and songs, Lakeside Butchers at Ryland Bridge who supplied the turkey and Nicky at Kedgeree who donated and ‘rumbled’ the potatoes.

Interested in being a volunteer driver?

We particularly would like volunteer drivers who could commit to a regular day a month for Health Centre transport.  If you believe this is something you may be interested in and would like more information please contact Janet Goddard on 01673 862570.

EBay The PDA now have an E bay account so are accepting goods suitable for selling on E bay. If you would like to donate items to help raise funds please contact Janet Goddard on 01673 862570.

LINCOLNSHIRE CO-OP COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS/PDA Appeal to all patients – the PDA is one of the Co-op Community Champions, so please if possible sign up to support us through your Co-op card.  Thank you.


This is a brief note of explanation behind our reason for changing the pricing system for transport to Welton Health Centre.

Each month a volunteer driver commits to a specific day to transport patients to appointments at the Health Centre.  These drivers could be from any village covered by the Health Centre and may therefore have to travel several miles to reach the patient. The total charge to the patient has, in the past, been from the driver’s door and back to the driver’s door regardless of where that driver lives.

Under the new system a fixed price will be charged to the patient for the village in which they live regardless of where the driver lives. The payment to the driver, to cover petrol and wear and tear to the vehicle, will be 45p per total mile travelled.  The balance owed to the driver will be paid from PDA funds.

We hope that you appreciate why this decision has been taken and that it makes the scheme fair to all patients.

Janet Goddard

Transport Coordinator

Welton PDA voluntary Transport Scheme.


With effect from the 1st October 2015 the charge for PDA transport, to any appointment except to the Health Centre, will be increased to 40p per mile.  The charge has remained at 35p per mile since April 2013.  The reason for this increase is that increased demand for the service directly impacts on the amount of fundraising we have to do to top up drivers payment to 45p per mile.  The amount currently needed for this purpose exceeds £2000 per year.

Core Documents

Constitution (12.3.2019)

Transport Village Charges PDA

Transport Terms of Reference 2019

Transport Patient Information 2019

Transport Driver Guidelines 2019

Transport Child Car Seats 2019

Transport Reception Notes 2019

GDPR Volunteer Driver Guidelines 2019

GDPR Data Protection Policy 2019

GDPR Privacy Notice 2019